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Advancing a durable low carbon energy transition

Our goal:

Develop new knowledge and indicators using a novel systems approach so that stakeholders can make more strategic and sustainable environmental decisions throughout the petroleum sector, with an eye toward informing investments, operations, and governance of oil and gas value chains

Our work:


The Oil Climate Index (OCI)

An open-source tool we developed that compares the carbon footprint of 75 (and counting) of the world’s oil resources (gas model currently under development)

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Petroleum Companies Need a Credible Climate Plan

Calls for tighter limits on greenhouse gas emissions have put petroleum companies in the driver’s seat. It’s time for them to develop transparent systems based on standardized, verifiable climate plans.


The Oil Shake Up

As momentum builds for decarbonization of the global economy, it’s critical to start thinking about what this means for the future of the refining industry.