Why Focus on Methane?

Although carbon dioxide is the major greenhouse gas, short-lived climate pollutants like methane are rapidly accelerating global warming in the near term. From the moment it is emitted, a ton of methane is at least 120 times more potent than a ton of carbon dioxide. Methane emissions are on the rise. And the global growth in oil and gas production and consumption is a prime driver.

Methane escapes many ways from the oil and gas sector, both unintentionally and purposefully. A first-of-its-kind model under development, the Oil Climate Index + Gas (OCI+), can be used to estimate venting, flaring, and fugitive emissions, as well as total lifecycle emissions, from 29 oil and gas operations globally.

Access the Model and Methane Map


Please follow this link to access the OCI+ model and view the preview methane map.

The map currently reflects methane data from NASA researcher Daniel Jacob and his team at Harvard University. The bubbles represent total GHG emissions from the 29 OCI+ oil and gas fields.

Oil Climate Project investigators Gordon and Reuland further examine approaches to mapping, measuring, and managing this super pollutant in a report released in November 2019.