Extent of the Oil Climate Project’s outreach


The Oil Climate Project (OCP) and its working components, notably the Oil Climate Index, have been cited widely as the basis for energy-related policies both nationally and internationally. See the map below for the extent of the OCP’s impact.



The Know Your Oil Act

The OCI formed the basis for Congressional legislation, Know Your Oil Act, sponsored by California representative Jared Huffman.

China’s petcoke import ban

OCI results and a report on China’s petroleum coke problem informed China’s ban on imports of high-sulfur petcoke from the United States.

IEA World Energy Outlook


The OCI was used to inform a chapter on the carbon footprints of diverse oil resources in the International Energy Agency’s 2018 World Energy Outlook.


India’s bans burning of petroleum coke

Norway reconciles industry and climate goals

Congressional testimony for lifting oil export ban

OCI findings informed India’s ban nationwide on the burning of petcoke, an oil by-product more dirty than coal.

Norway used findings from the OCI to reconcile a discrepancy between its oil operations and climate commitments.

Principal Investigator Debbie Gordon testified to Congress using the OCI on the climate impacts of lifting the crude oil export ban.


Characterization of U.S. anthropogenic methane emissions

anthropogenic ch4.jpg

Principal Investigator Debbie Gordon provided input to the Committee on Anthropogenic Methane Emissions in the United States and its report in The National Academies Press.