Articles and Op-Eds

Three Ways to Clean Up California’s Oil Production

By Deborah Gordon in Sacramento Bee

California’s Dirty Environmental Secret

By Deborah Gordon and Jonathan Koomey on Medium

Is California Extraordinary? Its Oil Resources Certainly Are

By Deborah Gordon and Frances Reuland in LegalPlanet


If U.S. Government Stifles Knowledge on Environment, States May Be Able to Help

By Deborah Gordon and Sam Wojcicki

Power to the States: How Carbon Pricing Can Be a Winning Strategy Under a Trump Administration

By Sarah Jordaan and Deborah Gordon on Medium

Judy Asks: Will Europe Remain the Anti-Global Warming Leader?

Response by Deborah Gordon in Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe Blog


India’s Double Rush for Electric Vehicles and Oil Refineries

By Deborah Gordon and Smriti Kumble

Petroleum Coke Use in India and South Asia: Recent Trends and Emerging Policy Options

By Deborah Gordon and David Livingston


Understanding Climate Engineering

By Deborah Gordon

Could Geoengineering Save the Planet from Global Warming?

By Deborah Gordon and David Livinston


The Oil-Climate Index: Assessing GHG Emission Impacts Across the Oil Value Chain


Touting Oil Exports Means Comparing Maple Syrup and Cream Soda

By Deborah Gordon

California’s Unspoken Oil Failure

By Deborah Gordon and David Livingston in Pacific Standard


U.S. Energy Independence Is Unlikely

Deborah Gordon in International Economy Magazine

The End of Carbon Fuels?

Deborah Gordon notes her views in The International Economy

At the Heart of OPEC: Strategies and Reflections

Deborah Gordon in Oil

From Standard to Smarter Oil

By Deborah Gordon in The Mark News